Our Team

Marijke Brune

Founder & project leader

Mrs. Brune has wide experience in both retail and corporate banking and insurance/bancassurance and is an expert in the following areas: Integrated Financial Services Concept , including Postal Banking, Bank acquisition and set up/M & A activities; Multi channel distribution; product development and strategy (specialised in mortgage products); client relationship management tools, Profitability Models, MIS, Branch Design and development. Having worked in various countries, she has skills and experience to be successful in different transition and restructuring processes. Mrs. Brune has extensive managerial skills, is pro-active and accepts responsibility. She is a good team player, is flexible and has the ability to handle conflicts and operate in a difficult political environment.

Jielis van Baalen

Journalist and project communications

Mr. van Baalen is the Communication Officer of Guydyon in Egypt. He worked for almost 25 years as teacher at the Faculty of Journalism at Windesheim University in the Netherlands. For the last three years, he has lived and worked in Egypt. Partly working as a visiting professor at two Universities in Cairo. But most of his time he works as a correspondent for Dutch newspapers and radio.
Later this year he will publish a book Egypt since the last parliamentary elections under Mubarak in November 2010 until the presidential elections in May 2012.

Lex Verheij

Technical & IT consultant

Mr. Verheij has wide project management and consultancy experience in international Banking, Postal Financial Services, Insurances as well as Pension Funds. Assignments include
process Improvements with selection and implementation of Insurance Back Office (life and non-life), the establishment and assessment of Data Centres in several countries (ITIL-based) Multi Channel (Branch, Agent, Call Centre, ATM, Internet-Banking, Post-Offices Network) approach of reputable financial institutions, Test Management & Test Execution (Business Perspective), Operational Risk management
And Credit Scoring Systems (Retail & SME Lending), Management Information Systems, Outsourcing IT to low cost countries (Quality Assurance). In addition Mr Verheij has experience in Due Diligence for acquisitions. Data Base Marketing related issues such as Data Mining and Campaign Management.

Margriet Brouwer

Project manager

Mrs. Brouwer is partner and business consultant for Guydyon B.V. and worked for AXA in the Netherlands as Manager Mortgage Loans as well as ING – Advisory Services BV and Financial Access Consulting Services as a business consultant managing the logistics after the wind down of ING’s “IGA” in late 2006. She is retail banker and has extensive knowledge of mortgage loans in the Netherlands as she worked for 9 years as a product-manager for the largest platform of mortgage brokers in the Netherlands. When serving as Marketing Manager with a new market initiative of Lehman Brothers in the Netherlands, she gained her special Marketing experience combined with special product (features) for underserved clients in the world. This experience has been crucial for the choice to focus on the underserved in combination with emerging markets.

Jan Serraris

Lead Consultant Micro Finance Egypt

Mr. Serraris has worked in life insurance, pensions and mortgages for 30 years. He has extensive experience in a number of key areas: project and programme management (significant IT-component),
general management and strategic planning, office organisation and Logistics, business development in new markets, testing and AO-IC, marketing & product development, business efficiency reviews (ABM, BPR), compliance and legislation in the area of customer protection. He has worked at senior levels and is a creative, change-oriented, hands-on manager and result driven manager. Enjoys coaching and supporting team colleagues. He has an international background and affinity.