The Project

The Micro Insurance Egypt Project is initiated by Guydyon who set up a sustainable program to create and develop the market for inclusive finance focusing on micro insurance in Egypt. The project will play an important role in the alleviaton of poverty, the creation of jobs, economic stability, social welfare and the empowerment of women.
Financial Sector Development and in particular increased access to finance and enhancement of micro and small enterprises in Egypt has been high on the agenda of all of the Egyptian Government, supra- and international organizations and NGO’s as well as Egyptian and worldwide financial institutions. Concretely and with financial support under the financial sector development program of The World Bank and other donor institutions, the Egyptian Government has launched a number of initiatives in this regard seeking, amongst others, to increase innovation of financing tools, improve SME and Micro Finance strategies as well as establishing a Micro Finance Fund.

Access to Micro Insurance

Key findings prove that product redesign is crucial to adapt existing regular insurance products to the micro-customer segment. Existing insurance companies as well as banks, NGO’s and Egypt Post have shown great interest in micro-insurance, which all insurance market players consider a large, yet unexploited sector. Such market players have shown strong commitment to cooperate in this initiative.

Education and awareness

The team noted a great need for education and awareness creation in the field of insurance; hence the proposal to establish a (Micro) Insurance Academy in close cooperation with EFSA and the American University in Cairo to provide qualified training programs and to certify micro-insurance providers and managers.
Last but not least, the team has concluded that developing the micro-insurance market in Egypt in general and setting-up a special vehicle to this effect in particular, is an initiative that can cut two ways: whilst clearly contributing to economic stability, poverty reduction, employment, social welfare and the empowerment of women, both micro-insurance as a phenomenon and a concrete micro-insurance vehicle to be set up in the market, can be economically sustainable and commercially viable in the mid- to longer term.
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Who we are

Guydyon is a Dutch consultancy network organisation in the financial sector. Founded by Mrs. Drs. M.W. Brune and Mr. Alexander Verheij. Guydyon was founded in 2002 and has a strong international track record in the field of restructuring banks, insurance companies and implementing Access to Finance.
Owner of Guydyon and founder of Micro Insurance Egypt Project Mrs Marijke Brune and Her Royal Highness Princess Maxima of the Netherlands during the Inclusive Finance Conference in 2011

Sustainable future proof solutions

Guydyon has an extensive international track record and expertise in the field of access to finance implementations and Inclusive Finance strategies working with renowned international banks and insurance companies as well as donors (including IFC, The World Bank, EBRD). The Guydyon Team comprising Dutch and international specialists has specific expertise in emerging markets, with a track record of complex implementations in the field of bank- and insurance restructuring and implementation of innovative concepts establishing financial inclusion as a backbone for economic development and poverty alleviation.

Supporting Partners